Limited Edition

knoxville Christmas Ornaments

Collectible blown-glass Christmas ornaments featuring Knoxville’s iconic landmarks.

New Designs for 2022!

Only  430 pieces are available for each design. Get yours before we sell out!

$65.00 + Free Shipping

Only 430
Ornaments Available...

$65.00 + Free Shipping

Only 430
Ornaments Available...

Bundle the 2022 designs and SAVE!

$130.00 $123.29

Santa Holding the Sunsphere

Santa with the Tennessee Theater

Christmas Countdown


Reviews from our Delighted Customers

Just got home and
found a treasure
at my front door!
The ornaments
are beautiful!!😍

Karen N.

Thank you so very much for my ‘special’ delivery package! That was very kind & thoughtful of you. Also thank you for taking the huge project on, of preserving our beloved Sunsphere!

Patrice M.

I confirm receipt of the ornament. It is quite a masterpiece that will get a lot of attention here this holiday season. I appreciate the packaging that it arrived in as well.

Robert D.

Handcrafted by Master Artisans

These artisanal glass ornaments, handcrafted using Renaissance-era carving, glassblowing and finishing processes, makes a precious holiday heirloom.

Step 1 - Sculpting

It all begins with Clay.

Step 2: Mold Making

An Exact Replica.

Step 3 - Glass Blowing

Master artisans create each piece by hand.

Step 4 - Silvering

The silver foundation makes the final colors shine and pop.

Step 5 - Painting

All of the details come to life one paint stroke at a time.

Step 6 - Glittering

Finishing touches with glitter and a pinch of magic!

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Magic of Our City Icons

If you're like us and have a family full of impossible-to-shop-for loved ones, this is your chance to shine! Give them something they don't have that they'll cherish forever.